How To Make Your Own Aperitivo At Home

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How To Make Your Own Aperitivo At Home

Italian Aperitivo

The Italians have done it again! They’ve managed to turn a simple everyday act into a trend that has become fashionable across the globe. You no longer need to travel to Milan, Turin or Florence to sample the humble Italian Aperitivo (although who could blame you for doing so). Instead, you can find it everywhere like London, New York, Paris and Blackpool.

But why is the Italian Aperitivo is so special and how can you enjoy the real thing at home?

The Italians have a saying, la fame vien mangiando meaning hunger comes with eating and this is why food should always be part of an aperitivo. Seems counterintuitive but it’s true and an aperitivo is great for whetting the appetite.

Here at Lento of London, we would like to share our first-hand experiences gathered when touring Italy and provide you with a few tips and ideas on how to make your own Italian aperitivo at home.

Let’s start with the food. The Italian aperitivo is not a meal so food is served in small bite size quantities beautifully arranged on a platter or board. Our preferred version is a selection of Italian cheeses and Italian charcuterie either separately or together. Try your aperitif with an all Italian cheese board or a cured meat platter. No matter how you prefer it, the base of a true Italian aperitivo will always have a good selection of Italian charcuterie consisting of cured meats, such as Italian salami and dry-cured hams and a good selection of Italian cheeses. We recommend Salame Nostrano, Finocchiona Toscana or Culatello di Zibello DOP and cheeses such as Pecorino Toscano Cotto, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or a raw goat milk cheese.  Another of our favourites for the aperitivo is Parmesan Cheese Crisps. These delightful light bites are incredibly moreish!

The next step to complete your aperitivo is the choice of your favourite tipple. Aperol Spritz, made with 75ml of Prosecco, 50ml of Aperol Liquor and 25ml of soda water, has possibly become the most famous and most fashionable mix for an aperitivo. Nevertheless, the choice is truly yours. Just bear in mind when choosing your favourite poison that you are trying to stimulate your appetite and usually sweet, fruity drinks should be avoided as they tend to suppress hunger. In Milan, the most cherished drink for the aperitif is the Negroni Sbagliato made with 25ml of Campari, 25 ml of Martini Rosso, 25ml of Prosecco and lots of ice. Our personal favourite is the Passerina Brut, an Italian organic sparkling wine made with the Passerina grape from the Abruzzo region. It’s drier, smoother and higher in quality than Prosecco, and is a great alternative to its more famous fizzy cousin.

Last but not least relax, have fun and enjoy the experience like an Italian - good food and good drinks with good friends!

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