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Rivo Gin

Gin is possibly one of Britain’s most favourite drinks. Originally created in the Netherlands in the 1500s as herbal medicine, gin became popular with the Brits thanks to William of Orange, the Dutch prince, who ascended to the English throne as King William III.

Not so long ago gin fell out of fashion, possibly as a result of low-quality, mass-produced products flooding the market. However, recently the gin renaissance has spread like a wildfire. Despite its perceived Britishness, gin is made in all corners of the world so do not be surprised to hear that one of the best gins comes from Lake Como in Italy.

Lake Como, one of the smallest lakes in Northern Italy, is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Its position, geology and wildlife create a very unique microclimate that allows the areas surrounding the lake to be milder compared to its closest neighbours. In fact, the lowest temperatures recorded around the Lake during the winter are around 3.7°C as opposed to the 0°C of neighbouring and more southerly Milan. This is a natural gift for the meadows perched on its banks which in turn have given to lake inhabitants a plentiful supply of natural resources. One of the lucky creations born from the meadows of Lake Como is Rivo Gin.

An unsung hero

Rivo Gin is one of the unsung heroes of the Italian artisan movement - family run, small batch and utterly delicious. This unique Italian gin is the result of years of hard work by a mum and son duo both born and bred on the banks of Lake Como and is the combination of their love for the lake and the ancient tradition of foraging. To this day the botanicals used in the making of Rivo Gin come from the areas around the Lake: salad burnet, winter savory, lemon balm, and Breckland thyme are among the local herbs foraged and combined with juniper, coriander, cardamom and angelica to create Rivo Gin’s unique flavour bouquet. Three times a year, expert botanists walk miles along the lake’s mountainous slopes to harvest them. Once they’ve found the right spots, they pick only the best botanicals by hand. It takes a lot of time and skill but the result makes the hard work worthwhile. Most excitingly, this combination of special botanicals has never before been distilled into a gin.

Fresh, floral, and cirtus

Rivo Gin has a fresh balsamic aroma with floral and citrus notes accompanied by Mediterranean scents. Its taste is complex but soft, rich with spicy and herbal notes and has a finish characterised by botanical fragrances. Thyme and lemon balm underscore its bouquet. This combination of full body and fresh flavours make Rivo Gin a delight among connoisseurs. Rivo Gin is beautifully versatile and perfect in any classic or contemporary cocktails.

Rivo Gin is the celebration of ancient traditions and a modern entrepreneurial spirit. In a world full of mass-produced spirits and home infused concoctions, Rivo Gin offers a genuine, artisan and unique alternative to whatever you may have tried before.

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