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Blue 61 Soft Blue Cheese
Blue 61 Soft Blue Cheese

Blu 61 Soft Blue Cheese

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1961 is the year when the producers of this stunning Italian soft blue cheese decided to get married. Their union is one made of emotions and feelings, and both share the same passion for the world of cheese. They take their inspiration from outings among mountain pastures to create great ripened cheeses but this time Antonio goes beyond by dedicating a cheese to their passionate union, “Blu’ 61”, a cheese that makes you fall in love!

Produced with cow’s milk, ripened with fine Raboso Passito Veneto IGT wine and red cranberries. This Italian blue cheese is matured for a minimum of three months. The texture is soft tending to become creamy when the cheese is more aged and the rind, covered with red cranberries, is thin. Aromatic and intense notes typical of blue cheese are wrapped by the scents of marasca cherry and the fruit of Passito di Raboso wine.

Matches delightfully with red wine and compote of balsamic vinegar.

Your cheese will be sliced to order, vacuum packed to keep it fresh during transport and wrapped in sheep's wool with an ice pack to keep it cool.

Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, Passito Veneto IGT wine, cranberries
Storage: Keep refrigerated

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