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Wine jelly and flavoured salt

Wine Jelly And Flavoured Salt - Hug

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Our wine jellies are the reflection of classic ingredients and flavours originating from the Emilia-Romagna region and stem from producer Simonetta Mazzoni's desire to recreate childhood memories with ethical values and a healthy lifestyle. Each wine jelly is made with organic and vegan ingredients.

The flavoured salts are created with unrefined salt collected using ancient methods from the salt fields of Cervia and infused with different herbs and spices.


Cinnamon and cloves red wine jelly
Star anise and coffee white wine jelly
Orange, lemon and ginger salt

Recipe ideas

Carrot puree with seasoned croutons
Salmon fillet with yoghurt and mustard dressing
Apple strudel
Spaghetti with raw tuna, cherry tomatoes and toasted breadcrumbs

Ingredients: Red wine jelly (red wine, cloves, brown sugar, cinnamon, agar-agar, contains sulphites), White wine jelly (white wine, star anise, brown sugar, coffee, agar-agar, contains sulphites), Salt (sea salt of Cervia, lemon peel, orange peel, ginger)
Weight: 3x30g